Reasons to Improve Your Avon, NC Home’s Indoor Air Quality

poor indoor air quality

Good inside air quality is essential for remaining healthy and staying comfortable in your Avon, NC, house. Regular HVAC servicing, air purifiers, filter changes, dehumidifiers and other measures can all assist in enhancing your home’s indoor air quality. Let’s look at three major advantages of improving your indoor air quality.

1. Breathe Easier

Breathing is primarily an unconscious action, but if the air quality in your house is poor, breathing might feel like sucking air via a coffee straw. Even if you aren’t aware of it, your body is.

Living on shallower breaths exerts a lot of strain on your body, particularly your lungs and heart, making even ascending a stairway extremely exhausting. With pure indoor air, you should take deep, slow breaths and provide your body with the oxygen it requires.

2. Prevent Diseases and Allergies

When you make efforts to improve the quality of your home’s air, you reduce the quantity of irritants and allergens floating in the air. Though this is especially important for anybody in your home who has asthma or allergies, it is also crucial to encourage improved respiratory health for everyone.

3. Better Sleep

With fewer impurities and pollutants floating around your house, you’ll be less likely to have throat discomfort, which can contribute to sleepless nights. Sleeping is considerably easier in a house with decent indoor air quality. After you’ve eliminated the allergies and pollutants in your home, you’ll sleep much better.

If you’d like to learn more about how enhancing your home’s air quality may help you live a better life and enhance your general health and well-being, contact R.A. Hoy Heating & Air Conditioning today! We’re always delighted to assist our clients in the broader Avon, NC, region with their air conditioning and heating needs.

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